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Why Kikos?

  The Kiko breed was originally developed in New Zealand and imported into the United States in 1992 by the company Goatex Group LLC. In fact Kiko in Maori actually means Meat. The original founders of the Kiko goat breed found a need for a goat that could fit multiple roles. They wanted a goat that not only could produce meat and dairy, but would be resilient to parasites, have multiple offspring, and be able to survive on forage and pasture alone with little human interference or supplementation.  They started by crossing domesticated dairy goats such as Anglo-Nubian, Saaneen, and Toggenburg breeds with the feral mountain goats of NZ. Through many years of aggressive culling of inferior animals they started the foundation of what is today the Kiko goat. In fact the 100% NZ goats today can have their lineage traced all the way back to those original imported goats. 

Why Kikos?: Welcome
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