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No Goats No Glory

At Michigan Kikos, we raise both Registered and commercial goats.  Whether you are looking for proven genetics from our 100% NZ stock and ADGA registered Nigerian Dwarfs, great performance and the hybrid vigor from our Purebreds, or just looking for commercial goats without papers in order to build your herd.  We have goats for you no matter the size of your wallet.

We strive  to raise our goats in a natural and hands off approach. We select our goats primarily for growth, mothering ability, and parasite resistance.   

We strive to keep our goats parasite resistant by making rotational grazing a priority.

We are proud of our 100% New Zealand, Purebred, and commercial Kiko goats. Each goat has participated in our first season of targeted grazing, and because of their amazing work, we have partnered with Goats On The Go®  which started in the spring of 2022. You can read more about that here

We are currently taking deposits on our 2024 kids.  . We will have a limited availability of doelings this year.  They will be weaned and ready to go home in June.  Our Commercial Doelings start at $500. Purebred and 100%  NZ animals will be priced according to the specific animal.

  To be added to our 2024 waiting list, please click the link below.  

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Kidding Season

Our 2024 kidding season is complete!

We had a very productive 2024 kidding season. We had some very healthy and colorful kids this year, although Mother Nature threw us a curve ball and gave us a way more Bucks than Does this year.  

2024 Kidding Stats

1 set of Triplets

9 sets of Twins 

4 Singles.  

Total of 25 Kids

17 Boys and 8 Girls

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